Top Reasons to Buy

Top Reasons for the Forensic Link Adapter and TruckCRYPT Software

  1. It’s fast. Download times are measure with single minutes as opposed to half hour increments. On the supported ECMs, the user does not even need a laptop.
  2. It’s robust.
    1. The Forensic Link Adapter is tolerant of malformed DDEC Reports records where the DDEC realtime clock has run out of battery. DDEC Reports gives and error, the FLA gives data.
    2. The FLA is the only device can recover CAT Snapshot data after a power loss (See SAE Paper 2016-01-1493 for peer reviewed acceptance of the forensic recovery process built into the FLA.)
  3. It’s easy. TruckCRYPT Software produces a consistent, concise, and easy to read report. All manufacturers’ data is display in the same format, which makes comparisons and interpretation much easier.
  4. It’s precise.
    1. The engine hours are displayed on DDEC Hard Brake and Last Stop records, which enables users to correlate these records with other engine hour based records (like ABS) in the truck.
    2. The Fast Stop Records from a PACCAR engine contain an engine hour time stamp to the nearest second in TruckCRYPT. When seconds matter, PACCAR DAVIE does not report this level of precision.
  5. It’s on time. The Forensic Link Adapter automatically keeps track of time. The time is set either with an Internet connection or a GPS lock. There are no options for a user to alter the time.
  6. It’s aware. GPS signals keep track of time and location of the FLA, which can be very helpful when sorting through multiple vehicle crashes.
  7. It’s protective. The Forensic Link Adapter prompts the user to acknowledge they have proper permission to download the data. This provides attribution data to the investigation process and ensures transparency.
  8. It’s compatible. The Forensic Link adapter has an RP1210 compatible mode where the FLA can be used with any PC based diagnostic software. This enables the FLA to be used with Detroit Diesel DDEC Reports and Cummins PowerSpec.
  9. It’s updatable. Updating the software is free and easy. Simply connect the FLA to the Internet and request an update through the screen menus. There are never any upgrade fees for the software.
  10. It’s secure. The Forensic Link Adapter uses cryptographic hash functions to gather a unique fingerprint of all the data it obtains. To ensure this data is not tampered with, the hash values are computed again before rendering and compared to the original unique value. This gives mathematically based confidence that no data has been altered.
  11. It’s forensically sound. The FLA and TruckCRYPT software were born from digital forensics research and the focus of these products is on forensic soundness. The FLA does not overwrite data on the ECM.
  12. It’s rugged. The FLA comes in a custom case with precise fitting foam inserts and all the necessary cables. The FLA enclosure is extruded aluminum and the on-screen display can be seen in the sunlight.
  13. It’s supported. The creators of the FLA and TruckCRYPT are PhDs (Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering) who want to support their customers.
                    • ECM Data Availability
                    • What trucks have data
                    • How Speed Records are Produced
                    • J1708 and J1587 Networks
                    • J1939 Networks
                    • Programming the SSS
                    • Methods for Sensor Simulation